Impresa Orante (prayer is the firm’s business as well) is a plan that intends and aims to give help, comfort and spiritual support to those who are employed or unemployed and to those who would like to be in work and who are unable to get back in ...

Given the times in which we live and the fatigue we experience because of the confused state of the economy which, having lost its natural form, has grave repercussions both within our region and nation (and beyond), we mean to take the opportunity to 'engage in this game’ with an unexpected ‘hand’; that is ... prayer ... and, in particular, the prayer of the Rosary.   It goes without saying that the greatest testimonial to and irreplaceable ally of the Firm that Prays is Mary.  When real comfort and concrete help are needed, let’s make it clear, Our Mother is a safe guarantee. 

And in our case, to meet a challenge that comes close to the impossible, an ‘ace up our sleeve’ is needed: Our Heavenly Mother in combination with the great St. Joseph.  Since we like to value on the intangible excellence of our territory as well, we intend to turn to the intercession of our saints here in Torino.  When they were here in the flesh, they experienced their own trials ... and how.   And since they are folk that “know how it is”, they cannot fail to give an indispensable help.

Entrepreneurs, workers, unemployed, retired:
L'Impresa Orante is our space for prayerful intercession for the local economy that we might once again find creative and courageous
means to identify new ways to reestablish the economic work model.
We begin within our own territory and with our own experiences.
Our prayer, directed by Mary and Joseph, with the intercession o the Saints, will do
its work in these times.

Bet on it!

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How does it work?

For those who want to take a chance on the firm that prays in order to rediscover the power of prayer, of fasting and of taking part in the Eucharist, the rules of the game are few and clear.

Make gratitude our daily vitamin, everywhere and always.Knowing how to be thankful is a powerful natural remedy against unhappiness and depression, an easy thing to do in difficult times such as those we are now experiencing. The peace that comes through this exercise of expressing our gratitude is good for not only our spirits but also for our bodies as well.

- Trust Maryto take charge of this game, as we as for help from our own Patron Saints. Here in Turin we can have recourse to a whole host of Social Saints that grew up in our city over the past centuries.

- Recite the rosary with the mediations that have been specifically written for l'Impresa Orante (the 'firms that pray'), the litanies to the Blessed Mother and the prayer to St. Joseph at your own place of work every Friday of the week at a time that easily allows as many employees to participate as possible. One suggestion would be to do this before or after lunch, or in the evening before everyone goes home.

- Go to Mass on the last Friday of each month, together with the various groups of l'Imprese Orante. Include an improvised penitential act, and be sure there is an association between the prayer intentions and the theme of work.


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the mysteries of the rosary

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Prayer to St. Joseph

to sanitize the work

Oh, St. Joseph. You worked every day beside the Incarnate Word to earn your bread and you found in him the strength to live and to labour. You know what it is to feel worried about tomorrow, to put up with the limits of poverty and the uncertainties of work. Yours is the example that shines in front of us, humble in the sight of men but great in the eyes of God.

Look with kindness on the immense family that we entrust to you. Bless the Church. Help it to follow ever more faithfully along the path of faithfulness to the Gospel. Protect workers who face harshness and difficulties every day: help them not to be discouraged, not to rebel in a negative way and to avoid the temptations of hedonism.

Pray for workers who continue on earth the poverty of Christ, while encouraging institutions to provide for them. Watch over peace in the world, for only peace can ensure the development of peoples and the fulfilment of human hopes. Do these things, we pray, for the good of humanity, for the mission of the Church and for the glory of the Holy Trinity.
(Pope Paul VI)

Saint Joseph, Patron of the Church, you worked together with the Incarnate Word every day to earn your daily bread: you were inspired by Him to live and to work. You experienced worry for tomorrow, the bitterness of poverty and the uncertainties of work. The thought of your example, humble before men but great before God, illuminates our lives today. Look at the immense family that is entrusted to you. Pray for the Church and encourage her to strengthen her apostolic witness. Protect workers in the hardships of their daily fatigue and defend them from discouragement, from denial, rebellion and the lure of hedonism. Pray for these workers who continue on earth the poverty of Christ so that institutions may continue to provide for them and help us to keep the peace, that peace which alone can provide guarantees for the development of peoples and the fulfillment of our hopes: for the good of all humankind, for the mission of the Church and for the glory of the Holy Trinity.